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AIIMS Delhi Responds To Man's Viral Post For Father's Urgent Heart Treatment

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

AIIMS Delhi took note of Mr Singh's experience and reached out to him for help.

Healthcare, despite being one of India's fastest-growing industries, remains unaffordable for many across the nation. A recent account on X (formerly Twitter) highlighted the urgent need for improvement in the medical care system, detailing a case involving a person suffering from heart disease. Pallav Singh shared his experience, revealing that his father, undergoing treatment at AIIMS Delhi, faced both financial strain and a lack of urgency in medical attention.

In September, Mr. Singh's father experienced a heart attack in their hometown of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. Later diagnosed with blockages in three arteries and only 20% heart functioning, they sought treatment at AIIMS Delhi in November. The family encountered a 24-hour queue for an appointment, followed by a delay in necessary surgery. The process involved waiting for hours, lack of timely reviews, and prolonged periods between appointments.

Expressing his frustration, Mr. Singh highlighted the dire situation of the healthcare system, particularly for the middle class, who constitute a significant portion of the population. His father, a diabetic with a heart function at 20%, faced a waiting period of at least 13 months for surgery, requiring payment of at least one lakh rupees. His mother, terminally ill and a subject of research at AIIMS, faced similar challenges.

Mr. Singh lamented the inequality in healthcare access, expressing that if he were a minister, the hospital's response would be different. Despite the attention gained on social media, including offers of help and support, the healthcare system's challenges persisted.

Following Mr. Singh's post, AIIMS Delhi acknowledged the situation and reached out to him for assistance. They clarified that the patient was now comfortable at home, and they provided technical support, ensuring help whenever needed. The hospital also offered a helpline number for direct communication.

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