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As BJP Considers Fresh Chief Minister Face, Shivraj Chouhan Drops A Hint

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Ever since the BJP pulled up a thumping win in Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been stressing that he is a footsoldier of the party

Bhopal, New Delhi: Amidst speculation about the BJP's selection of chief ministers in the recently won heartland states, Shivraj Singh Chouhan subtly conveyed a message to the party leadership without overtly advocating for himself.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a four-time Chief Minister, achieved a historic victory in Madhya Pradesh with initiatives like "Ladli behena," yet his return to the position is uncertain. The party is exploring alternative candidates and leaning toward a generational shift.

During an event in Bhopal commemorating the death anniversary of BR Ambedkar, Chouhan, speaking to reporters, stated, "I paid tributes to Dr. BR Ambedkar. The BJP government is following the path shown by him, under the leadership of Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi; we are working for the welfare of the last person in society."

Many interpreted this remark as Chouhan subtly reminding the party leadership of the role his government's welfare schemes played in the BJP's electoral success.

This comes as the BJP contemplates choosing Chief Ministers for the heartland states, considering new faces over veterans, with an eye on the upcoming general election.

Despite the BJP's resounding win in Madhya Pradesh - securing 163 out of 230 seats - Chouhan has repeatedly asserted that he is not vying for the top position.

In a recent interaction with reporters, Chouhan expressed his goal of ensuring the BJP's victory in all 29 Lok Sabha seats in the upcoming general election, avoiding any appearance of lobbying for the top post.

Post his victory, the Chief Minister inspected night shelters in Bhopal and sampled the food, aiming to project an image of being connected with the ground and not engaged in a power struggle.

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The BJP leadership, in discussions with leaders from the three states, is strategizing to select Chief Ministers who will lead the heartland into the crucial elections next year. Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP chief JP Nadda met key leaders from each state, while a comprehensive meeting at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's residence delved into the frontrunners in the three states.

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