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Digvijaya Singh Claims 'BJP Leader' Knew Results 2 Days Before Counting

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

At Nagada-Khachrod constituency in Madhya Pradesh, BJP's Dr Tejbahadur Singh Chauhan defeated Congress's Dilip Singh Gurjar

Bhopal: Following his claim that EVM hacking played a role in the BJP's electoral victories, Digvijaya Singh, Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, reaffirmed his allegations with a new post on X. Singh shared two screenshots—one from Facebook and the other from the Election Commission of India website's results page. In his Hindi post, he highlighted a BJP functionary's pre-counting Facebook post detailing the votes each candidate received in the Khachrod Assembly seat.

Singh urged readers to compare this information with the final results, citing the Nagada-Khachrod constituency where BJP's Dr Tejbahadur Singh Chauhan triumphed over Congress's Dilip Singh Gurjar by 15,927 votes.

Singh referenced a Facebook post by Anil Chajjed, a self-described "digital creator" supporting the BJP. Chajjed's post, made two days before the counting on December 1, accurately predicted the final vote counts for the Ujjain district Assembly constituency. While the BJP leader Rameshwar Sharma dismissed Singh's claims, the BJP has not confirmed or denied Chajjed's party affiliation.

In the aftermath of the BJP's victories in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh, Singh has reignited the debate on EVM reliability. He expressed skepticism about EVMs, stating in a post on X that any machine with a chip could be hacked. Singh has been a vocal opponent of EVM voting since 2003, raising concerns about the vulnerability of Indian democracy to professional hackers and calling on the Election Commission of India and the Supreme Court to defend the democratic process.

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