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Mamata Banerjee Plucks Tea Leaves In Bengal, Dances With Garden Workers

Wearing the tea pluckers' apron, Mamata Banerjee also sang a few lines with the workers and shook a leg with them.

Kurseong: On Thursday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited a tea estate in Darjeeling district as part of her six-day visit to the northern districts of the state. During the visit, she donned the attire of tea pluckers, joined workers in plucking tea leaves, and engaged in conversations with them. Ms. Banerjee also sang and danced with the workers, showcasing camaraderie.

After the experience, wearing the tea pluckers' apron, she expressed, "Today, after wearing their clothes, I plucked tea leaves. I learned tea plucking from them. Now, I can go to any tea garden and pick tea leaves. This is my biggest lesson today." She reminisced about writing a poem dedicated to tea leaf pluckers long ago.

Ms. Banerjee, who has authored over 100 books, many of which are poems, emphasized the close connection with the people of the Hills, stating, "We have blood relations with the people of the Hills. The Hills became my own home." She also distributed winter garments to the tea garden workers during her visit.

In the past, during a trip to Darjeeling, the Chief Minister engaged in making momos at a roadside shop and served 'pani puris' to the locals.

Later in the day, Ms. Banerjee attended a ceremony at a community hall to bless her nephew Abesh Banerjee, who tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend.

On Friday, she is scheduled to distribute land rights documents to residents of tea gardens, addressing a key demand in these areas. Over 3 lakh workers reside in tea gardens in the northern part of the state, and land rights have been a significant issue. The Chief Minister's visit involves participation in state-organized public distribution programs.

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