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"We Will Finally Stop The Boats": Rishi Sunak On Rwanda Deportation Policy

London: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak maintained on Thursday that his government's most recent immigration plan will succeed, despite the fact that the issue threatened to destabilise his ruling Conservatives and jeopardise his job.

Wednesday saw the release of Sunak's government's most recent attempt to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, which prompted his immigration minister to resign on the grounds that it did not go far enough.

In a hurriedly called news conference in Downing Street, Sunak attempted to appease right-wing Conservatives who desire that the UK be removed from the European Court of Human Rights in order to prevent courts from obstructing removals.

"The only extremely narrow exception will be if you can prove with credible and compelling evidence that you specifically have a real and imminent risk of serious and irreversible harm."

The bill is anticipated to be voted on by MPs for the first time next week. It was drafted after Supreme Court judges last month declared that the deportation plan was unlawful because Rwanda was not a safe country.

It requires judges to view Rwanda as a safe haven and suggests granting UK ministers the authority to ignore specific provisions of human rights laws.

A defiant Sunak declared that parliament had the final say in the matter and that he would not permit a "foreign court" to dictate UK policy.

"This bill will work... we will get flights off the ground, we will deter illegal migrants from coming here and we will finally stop the boats," he stated.

"I want to finish the job. Finishing the job means getting this legislation on the statute book," he stated.

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Human rights organisations and opposition parties have expressed new concerns over the plans, and Rwanda has threatened to withdraw from a bilateral agreement it only signed on Tuesday if the UK disregards international law.

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