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Privacy Policy

Welcome to our world of endless fun! Just like any secure place, our casino has certain rules and agreements in place to ensure a stable system. We collect specific data about our players to maintain the highest level of protection and ensure your complete safety. These measures are solely aimed at enhancing your experience on our website. We implement technical and administrative controls to safeguard the data you share with us.

If you're curious about how we handle and process your data, we offer detailed insights into our practices on our website. We strongly encourage our customers to review this information for a better understanding.


Here are some key points:

  • Purpose of Collecting Information

  • Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

  • Safeguarding Your Personal Information

  • Accessing Your Personal Information

  • Our Commitment to Privacy

Please take the time to read through these sections carefully to prevent any errors or misunderstandings.


Reason for Gathering Information


Our website utilizes your details primarily for communication purposes. This allows us and third-party entities to reach out to you regarding services that might align with your interests. These services could encompass various promotions, products, or events. Should we need to get in touch in the future, we may contact you through email, phone, or chat using the information provided upon registration.

By sharing your information, you implicitly agree to our privacy policy. We do not consider these terms as infringing upon your rights under data protection laws. However, if you prefer not to receive promotional communications from our site, you have the option to opt-out. You can either contact us directly or manage your preferences within your account settings.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

By accepting our privacy policy terms, you authorize us to share your information with specific individuals who require access. However, these third parties aren't granted access solely based on our choice, but because their involvement can bolster your security and validate the data you provide. For instance, any member within our corporate group might occasionally access your personal details. These individuals are part of our company's workforce and directly engage with our subsidiaries.

Moreover, when engaging in contracts with you, your information may be accessible to business partners, suppliers, and subcontractors. This access is imperative to fulfill the contract's stipulations thoroughly for each aspect. If a client enters into an agreement with our company, we may utilize their data for credit and reference checks through agencies. This is essential for verifying your identity. It's essential to note that not all contracts necessitate such measures, and we only provide this access if specified within the contract terms.

Safeguarding Client's Personal Information


At our casino, we employ comprehensive measures to ensure the absolute safety of your data. We implement physical, managerial, and electronic protocols to uphold the security and confidentiality of your personal information, safeguarding the data of every single player through SSL encryption. In case any suspicious activities are detected concerning your data, we'll take immediate steps to prevent any potential threats. Additionally, our website retains the right to report any illegal activities or hacking attempts to the relevant authorities to uphold the law.

Rest assured, your personal information is in secure hands, and you need not worry about its safety. All these measures are solely in place to ensure your comfortable experience while using our site.

Accessing Your Personal Information

All our customers possess the complete entitlement to view the information we handle and retain on our website concerning them. You can review this data within the account you create on our online gambling platform. For a comprehensive dossier about yourself, reaching out to our customer service is necessary. Rest assured, once you do, you'll gain access to all your information on our website.

Furthermore, should you detect an error or any changes in your data, you have the liberty to rectify it at your convenience. Simply request the correction or deletion of any inaccurate information whenever needed.

Commitment to Privacy
At our gaming center, we highly value our customers' desire to maintain the confidentiality of their data and thus offer them the means to do so. We are not authorized to grant access to third parties unless explicitly specified in a specific agreement we intend to finalize. Moreover, no employee within our company, with access to your data, possesses the authority to distribute it.

Our website strictly refrains from sharing customers' personal information with other websites. We take all necessary measures to prevent any breaches of law. Even if our site contains links to other platforms, it does not imply that these sites have access to your data. Our casino operates in accordance with its privacy policy guidelines and cannot be held accountable for the privacy practices of other sites.

Please note that the site retains the right to update or modify the privacy policy as deemed suitable. In the event of any changes, we will ensure to provide proper notification to you.

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