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₹ 290 Crore And Still Counting Among India's Biggest Cash Recoveries

Income Tax Raids: Sources said the sum will rise as more cash is yet to be counted and officials have got intelligence about more locations where cash has been hidden

New Delhi: Since yesterday, at least Rs 290 crore in hard cash has been recovered during income tax raids in three states, in what is probably India's largest cash recovery operation.

According to insiders, the amount will increase because there is still cash that needs to be counted and because authorities now know of additional places where cash has been hidden.

West Bengal, Jharkhand, and an Odisha-based distillery had their offices raided by the tax department.

According to sources in the tax department, nine lockers and up to seven rooms spread over the three locations have not yet been inspected. The money was discovered crammed into various furniture pieces and cabinets. They claimed to have knowledge of additional locations where more money and jewelry might be discovered.

The Boudh Distillery, offices connected to it, Baldev Sahu Infra, a group company of the distillery, and a rice mill owned by the distillery are the targets of today's raids.

Additionally, properties owned by Congress MP Dheeraj Kumar Sahu in Jharkhand yielded millions of rupees.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the public the reassurance that the money that was embezzled would be reimbursed.

"The countrymen should look at the pile of these notes and then listen to the honest 'speeches' of their leaders... Whatever has been looted from the public, every penny will have to be returned, this is Modi's guarantee," PM Modi wrote on X, which used to be Twitter.

During a press conference, the BJP's Odisha unit asked the ruling BJD for clarification and demanded a CBI investigation into the situation.

Additionally, images of a female minister from western Odisha sharing a dais with a liquor dealer whose property the raids were taking place were displayed by BJP spokesperson Manoj Mohapatra.

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According to the BJP spokesperson, the state government and local leaders' active support and patronage were essential to making this tax evasion possible.

"What were Odisha's excise department, vigilance wing, intelligence wing and economic offence wing doing in the state?" the leader of the BJP inquired.

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