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Beaten Up For Voting For BJP, Says Muslim Woman. Shivraj Chouhan Meets Her

Sameena Bi, who voted for the BJP, said Shivraj Singh Chouhan has done nothing wrong and only worked for the people, which is why she supported the BJP

Bhopal: A Muslim woman who was thrashed by her family members for voting for the BJP met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at his official home today. Sameena Bi, who had voted for the BJP, brought her two children - a son and a daughter - to Mr Chouhan's home and raised concerns over their security.

Sources said Mr Chouhan decided to meet the woman when he heard about reports that she had been thrashed by her family for voting for the BJP in the recent assembly election, which the party won for a second term.

The Chief Minister assured her of safety and security, sources said. Sameena Bi told the Chief Minister she would vote for the BJP again because of the concern he showed about her children.

"My brother-in-law Javed attacked me when he came to know I voted for the BJP. He asked why did I vote for brother Shivraj Singh Chouhan's party," the mother of two children said.

She said the meeting with the Chief Minister went well. "Bhaiya (Mr Chouhan) said they will ensure me and my children are safe, that I exercised my voting right the way I want. The Constitution gives the right to vote for anyone of our choice," Sameena Bi said.

She said Mr Chouhan has never done anything wrong, and that's why she voted for the BJP.

Mr Chouhan is a four-time Chief Minister. He led his party to a historic victory in Madhya Pradesh on the back of schemes like "Ladli behena". He may, however, still not get the job again with the party consulting with other possible candidates and leaning towards a generational change.

Ever since the BJP scored a thumping win in Madhya Pradesh - 163 out of 230 seats - Mr Chouhan has insisted that he is a footsoldier of the party and that he is "not in the race".

He told reporters his next goal was to ensure the BJP's victory in all the 29 Lok Sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh.

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